Rugged Fanless Industrial PCs

210 x 35 x 135mm (WxHxD)


  • 100% Fanless
  • Two models, Normal Temperature Range
    and Wide Temperature range
  • Wide Temperature Range -20C to +70C
  • Baytrail Celeron J1900 CPU for Standard Temperature Range
  • Baytrail E3845 CPU for
    Wide Temperature Range
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 1x DDR3 RAM up to 8GB
  • 1x 2.5" SATA HDD or SSD
  • Easy Access Panel for HDD/SSD
  • Black-anodized Aluminum Enclosure
  • 2x GB LAN, 4 COM Ports, 5x USB
  • WiFi
  • 125mm x 200mm Threaded Mounting
  • Win7/8 with Recovery DVD
Downloads: Normal Temp.: NT-J1900 PDF Wide Temp.: WT-E3845 PDF 3D STP File

NT/WT Rugged Fanless Industrial PCs I/O:


NT-J1900 Normal Temperature Range Specifications:

WT-E3845 Wide Temperature Range Specifications: